Before you vaccinate, make sure to research the negative effects.

lew 1 year ago

Studies that challenge the efficacy and safety of vaccines are shunned and repressed.

After a bike accident my doc suggested that I get a booster shot of the TDAP+ combined vaccine. Shoulder pain started shortly after, it has been over three months now and I can barely move my arm anymore.

This led me to researching. I found a condition called SIRVA (Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccine Administration). While generally being downplayed as an extremely rare condition, browsing through the web gave me a different picture. Many forums were filled with people talking about these complications (and worse, from paralyzation to death). On webMD a whole thread had disappeared, only visible in the cached Google search.

The explanation for the complications are "a wrongly administered vaccine, too high into the deltoid muscle that causes inflammation." However, digging deeper this seems only to be one of many complications that can occur and lead to severe health damage. It is convenient to single out this condition and dismiss it as very rare.

Other complications are for instance auto immune reactions, where your own immune system starts attacking the insulation layer of your nerves, triggered by the aluminum "adjuvant" found in the shot. Effectively leading to the deterioration of your muscles and motor functions. See: Guillain-Barré-Syndrom / CIDP.

Now before you jump at your pre conditioned conclusion of how safe vaccines are and tell me about how science agrees, let me ask you this: Have you ever thought about comparing the severe risks that come with vaccination to how likely it is to suffer permanent damage from one of the diseases you are now supposedly protected from?

Research it, thoroughly!

And if you are thinking about throwing "Herd Immunization" at me right now, it just proves my point that you need to do your research. You can't take todays stats as a baseline, because obviously we are vaccinating for years already. Start with the data before vaccines were administered.

I dare you to properly research the data and not just repeat the mantra of how safe vaccines are without thinking about what kind of risk you are really preventing with it. That is a fallacy you have been conditioned to treat as gospel.

Go ahead, do it. Use the official stats that you can find. Crosscheck it and dig deeper. You will be as baffled as I was, in a negative way. And that is >before< factoring in the obvious selection bias of the official data about vaccine safety.

Behind the paywall, protected with a "Troll Fee" of $0.77 is a link that leads to a compilation of resources that are selectively covering the underrepresented side of vaccine risk research.