The Internet is broken for content creators.

Bit.sv is a new content network that lets anyone earn money from their interests.

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Advertising breaks the Internet

Advertising funds most content on the Internet.

To earn more money, creators chase bigger audiences, watering down their messages to the lowest common denominator.

Creators benefit from deep engagement with their audiences, but the Internet incentivizes shallow attention-grabbing.

What if the Internet empowered creators to make a living directly from their audiences instead of advertisers?

Bit.sv builds on microtransactions from Bitcoin SV to create a next-generation content network:

Earn money by:

  • Creating unique content
  • Collaborating with creators—remixing their work
  • Curating the best content for your audience

Bit.sv is for

  • Journalists covering their local communities
  • Fitness instructors creating custom workout routines
  • Traders selling price predictions
  • Business Analysts selling their interpretation of the economy
  • Artists providing lessons and tips
  • Researchers summarizing the latest findings in their field
  • Productivity coaches creating routines to optimize work

...and anyone else working independently at the cutting-edge of their field.

The mission of Bit.sv is 1 million independent creators working on their most ambitious ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bitcoin SV?

Bitcoin SV is Bitcoin with the original protocol.

Bitcoin is a breakthrough new technology that enables peer-to-peer digital money—empowering users all around the world.

Using the secure foundations of Bitcoin, it's possible to fix many of the problems with today's Internet.

How is Bit.sv different from today's content networks?

Bit.sv is built from the ground up to provide the best experience between creators and audiences.

Creators lack easy tools to make enough money from their interests—they can't work as much or as deeply on what they find most interesting.

Audiences benefit when creators have ample resources to invest in their craft, both time and money.

Bit.sv focuses on fantastic user experiences between creators and their audiences to unlock everyone's full potential.

How do content creators earn money on Bit.sv?

Creator's earn money directly from their audience by creating valuable content.

Instead of casting a wide net to get more advertising views, they cast a deep one that appeals to their audience.

How can you earn money from other people's content?

Collaborate with other creators by remixing their content to create an entirely new work. Bit.sv handles licensing and royalties automatically, paying everybody that generates value.

And of course, if you're a creator, people can remix your work (if you let them)—enabling seamless collaboration.

Curating is another way to earn money on Bit.sv. By signal-boosting the best content in the network, you can receive an affiliate fee, providing a valuable service to both the original creator and your audience.

Why isn't tipping a solution to advertising-funded content?

Tips don't capture the full value provided by creators. For many creators, it's the difference between a hobby project and full-time work.

Bit.sv offers additional tools (including tipping), providing the necessary resources for creators to earn a living.

What are the technical foundations of Bit.sv?

Bit.sv is built on an open protocol (to be announced) on top of the Metanet. The Metanet is an open protocol that lets you easily structure data on Bitcoin SV.

Users own their data and can move to any competing service with a few clicks.

Competition is encouraged, if you're a developer or business looking to build on the protocol, please email me, I'd like to help you get started.

Bit.sv is a modern take on incentivizing the best content on the Internet.

Be first in line at the launch

Brad Jasper — Creator of Bit.sv

Bit.sv is created by Brad Jasper—that's me ✌️

I'm building the content network of my dreams.

As an independent creator for the past three years (and trying for 10), I know how hard it is to work full-time on your own creations—you have to be a hardcore entrepreneur.

I realized after creating Open Directory, the rules of the Internet are changing, opening up entirely new possibilities.

Bit.sv flips the current paradigm on its head, making it possible for anyone to earn a living from their interests.

Find out more by contacting @synfonaut or brad@bit.sv